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Our Mission


Our mission is to empower everybody (and their pets) with Earth Energy (E2) Frequencies, or *Subtle Energy Fields, that may increase performance at work, play and enhance one's well-being in everyday life.  With that being said, our primary business goal is to license our patent-pending and proprietary E2 Performance Technology and E2 Sleep Technology in various manufacturing categories with well-known partners, and become the branded name in this emerging technology based space.  In addition, we also plan to market a line of non-competitive products embedded with E2 Technology that will be offered directly to the consumer through Amazon and our www.E2Performance.com website.  Currently on Amazon, we offer E2K-Tape, E2 Power Chips, E2 Dog & Cat Collars and E2 Performance Bracelets.


The Winning Edge or Peak Performance in Sports and in Life


Being physically strong and mentally prepared is important and essential in giving one an "edge" in both today's competitve sports world, as well as and in one's everday life.  In addition to cognitive skills, a significant amount of strength, balance, endurance and coordinated senses in a range of motion are required to be able to perform at peak levels in sports and in life.  Thus, E2 Performance Technologies was incorporated to look into the postive benefits derived from products embedded with Nature's Earth Frequencies!


About E2 Performance Technologies, Inc.


E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. was intially formed to enhance and increase performance levels for professional and amateur athletes on any playing field or sports endeavor.  In doing our research studies, that besides the many positive benefits derived from wearing E2 Technology to increase one's performnance in sports, we found E2 Technology was extremely beneficial in improving one's "Quality of Life."


After years of extensive research, as well as trial and error, E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. developed our patent-pending and proprietary E2 (Earth Energy) Technology embedded into products that improves one's BALANCE, ENDURANCE, increases both STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.  It is truly the next generation of not only maximizing performance fitness levels in sports, but improving one's overall wellness.   


In recent years performance enhancing products, in such forms as POWER BANDS and TAPES, are being used worldwide by athletes and individuals to increase their competitive edge and overall well-being.  Although similar in philosophy as E2 Technology, we use a completely different science based technology.  First, E2 Performance Technology works much better and out performs the other products because they become ineffective in a relatively short timeframe.  In addition, E2 Technology does not wash out or lose its effectiveness over time, and test results show that competing products do not work as well as E2 in the Sun.   Although, these products are being worn and used by many of the today's athletes to enhance and improve their performance levels, E2 Performance still remains on the “cutting edge” by being the first to introduce E2 Performance Technology. 


E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. has now brought our proprietary technology forward, and is making it available to the general public by offering E2 Performance products, as well as by licensing the E2 technology so that it can be incorporated into your active lifestyle, whether it is:  GOLF, RUNNING, CYCLING, YOGA or any other EVERYDAY ACTIVITY.  Imagine what INCREASED BALANCE, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, FLEXIBILITY could do to your golf drive!  Wouldn't you like that extra power in your weight lifting ability?  Or be able to stretch a little bit further, with more flexibility and balance in your yoga class?  Or quite simply, improving your "QUALITY OF LIFE!"  For those of you who participate in any sports endeavor, E2 Performance Technology products should be the performance product of your choice.  We also believe that down the road E2 Performance Technology is bigger than just enhancing a person's sports performance, but rather is "A Difference Maker" in the well-being of people's daily lives. 


You can view the E2 Performance Video HERE.


Endorsed by Raymond Floyd


Since E2 Performance Technology is endorsed by Hall of Fame Golfer, Raymond Floyd, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality and the best performance products on the market. Whether you are looking to make the most of your home workouts or take your sports conditioning to the next level, E2 Performance is the only name you need to know.


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"Live, Work and Play, My Friends!  Wear E2, A Difference Maker!"



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