What is E2 Performance Technology?



Your body is essentialy an electromagnetic instrument, in other words “A BIOFIELD," controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes.  Each of these electro-biological processes vibrate at a specific frequency.  When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy and our bodies perform optimally.  E2 does just that by regulating your body's frequency to an ideal and balanced level.  Imagine a radio station that is not tuned to the right frequency.  Even if it is 1 point off, it will not sound clear.  When the radio is on the right frequency, it sounds perfect, full, clear and crisp.  E2 works in a similar way, by allowing all of your cells to resonate on the same frequency at once.  This cellular communication is instant and dramatic.  Optimal health and peak performance occur when your body maintains ionic balance, which is the exchange between negative and positive charges, and free flowing energy pathways at the optimum frequency.


E2 Performance products are treated with nature's calibrated frequencies.  Every E2 Technology product is designed to maximize performance and improve overall wellness.  Wearing E2 Performance Technology helps you to unleash your full potential by increasing your body's natural synergy. Our E2 Performance products are designed to help fine-tune your body's natural energy field, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, balancing and harmonizing the electro frequencies of your body and it's environment.


What are the benefits of wearing E2 Performance products and does it work?


Most of our E2 Performance product users report an increase in BALANCE, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and FLEXIBILITY. When your body's natural energy is flowing freely, you are able to use your body's full potential and perform to your optimal levels.  While we have received positive testimonials and responses about E2 Technology products, there is no assurance that it will work for everybody.  Therefore, we make no claims, whatsoever, and let the user decide for themselves of the benefits of E2 Performance Technology products.  It is why we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee less shipping if you are not completely satisfied with the product.



Who can wear E2 Performance products?


E2 Technology was developed to enhance the daily lives of everyone.  When your body feels more powerful, flexible and balanced, you cannot help but improve your performance in any game or everyday endeavor.


Is E2 Performance products only for professional athletes?


Anyone and everyone can benefit from wearing E2 Performance Technology products.  However, we do have several top athletes among our E2 Performance customers.  Since professional athletes are always expected to give their top performances, E2 Technology helps them reach their full potential.




How long does it take to feel the effects of E2 Technology?


The effects show up immediately on machine testing and with kinesiology testing.  E2 customers will notice better BALANCE, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY immediately after putting on our products.  Other additional effects, such as ENDURANCE and ENERGY levels can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to notice.  Results will vary, but again, there is no assurance that E2 Technology will work for everyone.



Can E2 Performance products get wet?


Yes!  In fact, products are great for water sports and activities.  E2 Performance customers are swimmers, surfers, water skiers, wake boarders and divers.  There are no restrictions for wearing your E2 Performance products.



What Scientific Studies are being conducted on E2 Performance Technology?


As mentioned, a PhD consultant conducted two studies at Robert Morris University of 174 and 480 participants.  These two scientific research studies have provided objective measurements that E2 Performance Technology has positive effects on both the human body as well as pets (yes pets) that wear products activated with E2 Technology.  In addition, we will continue to undertake other research studies to support and to further establish legitimacy and credence to the many touted and significant positive benefits derived when wearing or using products embedded with E2 Performance, E2 Sleep and E2 Pet Technologies.



What are Subtle Energy Fields?


The term Subtle Energy Fields, or Natural Earth Frequencies, is recently defined in defintion only because Subtle Energy has been around since the beginning of time.  Subtle Energy could mean a physical energy, such examples as a high pitch voice breaks a glass, a vibrating tuning fork will activate a nearby tuning fork or strumming guitar strings, that are of such low intensity that we have no means of measuring presently.  The sensors we have designed in the laboratories are not sensitive enough to directly discern these energy fields.


In this definition of Subtle Energy, we are dealing with a physical field which is of very low magnitude.  The net result is that Subtle Energy Fields are a whole different animal than the standard Linear Electromagnetic Fields that are more wavelike and you can measure; i.e., cell phones and electrical towers, microwave ovens, TV's & radios, etc.  Subtle Energy is more field like.  Instead of running along wires or shooting out in beams, Subtle Energy tends to "fill up" its environment.  This becomes very important in terms of developing the E2 Performance and E2 Sleep Technologies that are embedded into products, because Subtle Energy is capable of adhering to objects with no loss of intensity or effectiveness.  In fact, Subtle Energy Fields (Natural Earth Frequencies) have a whole range of profound beneficial effects on the human body.


Several scientists in the United States (Tiller, Rein, Putoff, Green and Srinivasan) have studied Subtle Energy and its effects.  Though each has developed their own nuanced theory of Subtle Energy, in general they all tend to concur that the Subtle Energy phenomenon is related to a type of unified energy and is not just a physical field of very low magnitude.



"E2 Performance and E2 Sleep Technologies are Subtle Energies, Difference Makers!"