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All Life is Energy!  Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current.  Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90 millivolts-when healthy.  If you optimize and refresh your bodies potential with nature's earth energy frequencies, such as one feels near waterfalls or after a thunderstorm, you restore and optimize your health.  These earth’s natural frequencies have benefited mankind since the beginning of time.  Our E2 Technology mimics these low level earth frequencies which provides our bodies defense against modern-day forces, such as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones and industrial static, that impede our body’s ability to find natural balance.  By wearing E2 Performance Technology "activated" products, balance is restored and our bodies are better equipped to perform at its optimal levels.


Wear E2 "Performance" Technology and discover the difference earth frequencies may make in your life.


Potential Benefits:


Better Balance                    
Increased in Range of Motion
Added Power
Improved Stamina


Additional Possible Benefits with E2 "Sleep" Technology:


Relaxes the Body

More Sound, Deeper and Refreshing Sleep



E2 Performance Technology



The patent-pending and proprietary E2 (Earth Energy) Performance Technology embedded into products are believed to be beneficial to increase one's sports performance and overall well-being.  Eastern cultures have known about these types of natural occuring frequencies for centuries and have used them to improve one's wellness and performance in such areas as acupuncture and the martial arts. Western society is just catching up and is beginning to reap the many positive benefits of using frequency technology to improve a person's performance level on any playing field, as well as enhance their quality of life.


E2 Performance Technology research studies have provided some objective measurements that E2 Technology has a positive effect on the human body.  These research studies, that we will continue to undertake, are helping to build support that E2 Performance is “The Ultimate Performance Product," and by wearing E2 Technology products improves your BALANCE, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and FLEXIBILITY.  When your body feels more powerful, flexible and balanced, you cannot help but feel better and improve your performance in any game or endeavor.


E2 Performance products are treated with nature's earth calibrated frequencies.  Every product is designed to maximize performance and improve overall health.  Wearing E2 Performance Technology helps you to unleash your full potential by increasing your body's natural synergy.  Our products are designed to help fine-tune your body's natural energy field, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, balance and harmonizing the electro frequencies of your body and its environment.



Your body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument, in other words "A BIOFIELD," controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes.  Each of these electro-biological processes vibrates at a specific frequency.  When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy and our bodies perform optimally.  E2  Performance Technology does just that by regulating your body's frequency to an ideal and balanced level.


Clinical Research Studies


Numerous studies conducted with shirts embedded with our E2 Technology demonstrate positive results, especially in the areas of improving one's range of motion and increasing one's strength.  A PhD consultant conducted a study at Robert Morris University with 174 US Steel assembly line workers and the results were the following:  Using the Jamar Grip Dynamometer, 75% of the participants significantly improved their grip strength by 2-8.8 pounds.  Range of motion improved a minimum of 15 degrees in 95% of the participants in the study.  Another study was also conducted at the same Robert Morris University of 480 subjects randomly assigned into user, non-user and control groups.  The subject pool was inclusive of both genders and ages from 18 to 82 years in physically demanding occupations from construction workers to healthcare providers.  Their jobs included physical demands that require full range of motion to lift, carry and place items using strength, balance and endurance.  Tewnty-one (21) hypotheses were tested with twenty (20) showing significant improvement results when those tested were wearing shirts embedded with E2 Technology.


E2 Performance Technology,  "A Difference Maker!"


You can view the E2 Performance Video HERE.


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