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Dear David,

Having played on both the PGA and Champions Tours for over 45 years, you can imagine the physical toll it has taken on my body. Along with many injuries that kept me from competing from time to time, I had major back surgery and a total left knee replacement.


When you introduced me to E2 Performance Technology about a year ago, I was curious to see what benefit I might derive from working out in the E2 Performance shirt you gave me. It was hard to believe that my cardio endurance improved 10% my very first workout. Since then, wearing E2 Performance clothing or shoes, I have had increases from 10 to 25% in overall strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.


E2 immediately improved my golf game. I went from not being able to turn fully, to being able to make a full back swing. I added 20 yards to my T shots. Very shortly thereafter, with many of my aches and pains gone, I was able to stop riding a golf cart and walk the full 18. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the game once again, along with my overall well-being in my daily life.


In closing, I believe E2 Performance Technology is truly remarkable. I think E2 Technology is, and will be, “A Difference Maker” in enhancing one’s sports performance, as well as improving people’s quality of life.


Good Luck with E2 Performance Technology!



Raymond Floyd




Dear David,

Now that it’s warm enough to play golf here in Chicago, I wanted to tell you again how much better I both play and feel when I wear your E2 Shirts with the imbedded technology.

People are amazed how much farther I hit my drives. It’s really not because I am stronger, it’s because I have so much more flexibility, and I can take longer backswings to generate higher club head speed. My focus, concentration and relaxation increase as well. Equally important, at the end of the round, I am not at all fatigued. It is really amazing.

My brother Steve, who is a member at Winged Foot, plays at least 5 shots better when he wears your shirts. (He needs more by the way).

I feel completely different when I do NOT wear shirts with the E2 Technology. In fact, the t-shirts you gave me, I wear all winter long. I can definitely feel a different “vibe” when I have them in my wardrobe.

I will send a dozen or so shirts to you shortly to activate, so I’m ready for the rest of the year.

You really have something very unique and special going on and it’s something that should be a part of everyone’s apparel whether they play sports or not.

Continued good wishes.

Thanks for helping me win a few extra bucks from my pals!



Joey C

- Joe Carlucci, Carlucci Restaurant & Bar