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Soft-Tex International announces the launch of SensorPedic® Sleep Bracelet


 Soft-Tex International has partnered with E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. a leading athletic performance and lifestyle company, to introduce the SensorPedic® Sleep Bracelet.



E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. of Palm Beach is pleased to announce that our Licensee, Soft-Tex International, will introduce two of their Sensopedic Sleep and Lifestyle Bracelets embedded with our patent-pending and innovative E2 Performance and E2 Sleep Technologies at the Textile Market Week in New York City the week of September 19-23. Obviously, it is very exciting news for both of our companies. One of the neat things that Soft-Tex has come up with, is that not only will the Sensorpedic Sleep and Lifestyle Bracelets be activated using E2 Technologies to enhance sleep, but it will also monitor one’s sleep and daytime fitness activities. I might add that Sensorpedic Sleep and Lifestyle Bracelets are the only bracelets in today’s marketplace to offer such unique and unparalleled features. In fact, Soft-Tex has already received a significant verbal interest for the bracelets from a major department store chain. Soft-Tex, under our approval, has developed a 3-minute video about the technology that we will be able to include on our online website, www.E2Performance.com, that helps explains the science behind E2.


E2 Performance Technologies, Inc. of Palm Beach is pleased to announce that it has entered into a License Agreement with Soft-Tex International, Inc. of New York to embed our patent-pending and proprietary “E2 Sleep Technology” into their bedding and sleep products, including sleep bracelets.


Because of our continuous R&D, we have developed E2 Sleep Technology that we have found may help people sleep sounder, deeper and wake up totally refreshed. Our research has discovered that there are in nature certain frequencies that may actually help “relax” the human body. Do you ever wonder why you feel refreshed after a thunderstorm, or the relaxed feeling you have when you are at the beach or near a waterfall? What’s happening is that negative ions (vitamins of the air) are replacing positive ions, thereby revitalizing your body that in turn has a soothing and calming effect. We have mimicked and recreate nature’s earth frequencies that may possibly help one get into a more relaxed state, thereby leading to potentially a more restful night’s sleep.